Annual Awards 2016/17


The standards in competitions this year has been high.  

Backrow left to right:  Graham Thurlow, Richard Foley, Geoff Harrison, Malcolm Ness
Frontrow left to right:  Ernie Howard, Darren McDonald

The first competition of the 2016/17 season was the
‘Barrie Shepherdson Trophy’ on 26
th September
A competition for unrelated monochrome or colour DPIs, which must have been taken on 2 or more DPS summer outings.  The winner is given to the highest score on one individual image.  It has to be said that the weather for the chosen events was not good, hence the low number of entries. There were 24 dpi entries (8 members taking part) and the judge was Dick Roberts.
Richard Foley stole the show, gaining the first three places with:

3rd — Spurn Point Lighthouse
2nd — Spurn Head Lighthouse
1st — Hornsea Groynes
So the winner of the ‘Barrie Shepherdson Trophy’ with ‘Hornsea Groynes’ is Richard Foley.

The second competition of the year on 24th October was
‘The Milne’ – now reduced to just one round.
Still a print (Milne Cup) and DPI (Milne Shield) competition with one image open, the other a set subject ‘Street Photography’, which had to include people.  Entry was two prints and/or two dpi’s.  The judge was Mike Barnard.  

The Milne Cup for prints had 27 entries and the results were:
Joint 3rd  — Brian Jackson and Pete Boyes.
Joint second — Dick Roberts and Roy Vincent
1st — Geoff Harrison
The winner of the ‘Milne Cup’ with ‘Cloister Walk’ and ‘Crocothemis Erythraea’ is Geoff Harrison.

The Milne Shield consisted of 35 entries and the results were:
Joint 3rd — Ernie Howard, Graham Thurlow and Geoff Harrison
2nd — Chris Mason
Joint 1st — David Ireland, Martyn Orford
So the joint winners of ‘The Milne Shield’ are:
Dave Ireland with ‘Eider duck the Farnes’ &  ‘A Mothers love’
Martyn Orford with ‘Kestrel’ & ‘He said they’re Smarties, over’

Our third competition ‘The 2000 Trophy’ was on 28th November 2016
A print competition comprising three prints monochrome or colour, two images open and the other a set subject of ‘The Yorkshire Wolds’.  The winner is the person with the set of prints which receives the highest score.  We had 42 entries and the judge was Harry Kingman.
3rd —  Dave Ireland
2nd — Darren McDonald
1st — Malcolmn Ness
The winner of ‘The 2000 Trophy’ is Malcolm Ness with:
‘Blue Tit’, ‘Huggate’ & ‘South Dalton’

Next we move along to the fun knockout or ‘The Hillary Trophy’ held on 19th December.
This competition attracted a record 139 entries.  Each member could put up to six images into the competition. The proviso being that none of the images should have been seen in any previous DPS competition.  We all voted and eliminated images until we got to a winning entry.
This year the winner of the Hillary Trophy is Dave Ireland with ‘Old man of Stor’

The first competition of the New Year was the ‘Ringrose Cup’ on 30th January
Each entrant had to submit one dpi from 5 categories out of 6 categories. The categories were:
Nature;  Portraits/Figures;  Landscapes/Seascapes;  Altered images;  Transport & High Dynamic Range (HDR).  Eleven members participated and the judge was Graham Marshall.
3rd  scoring of 92 out of 100 — Pete Boyes
 2nd scoring 94 out of 100 — Chris Mason and Ernie Howard
1st   — David Ireland
So the winner of the ‘Ringrose Cup’ with four 20’s and one 19, adding up to an astonishing 99 marks out of 100 is Dave Ireland with:
Green tree lizard with his prey a carpenter bee (19)
Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, The Queens Lifeguard (20)
Sun setting Canisp Assyant Scotland (20)
A day at the seaside (20), Little Rocket NYMR (20)

Our sixth competition of the season was the newly introduced Monochrome Competitions on 27th February. The judge was Trevor Richardson.
This was an open competition where entrants could submit two dpi’s and or two prints.
‘The Jackson Trophy’ was for prints, whilst ‘The Roland Groves Trophy’ was for dpi’s.

In the Jackson Trophy  the judge was looking for the best monochrome print.
Out of 16 entries:
3rd —  Graham Thurlow
2nd —  Pete Boyes
1st — Darren McDonald
The winner of the Jackson Trophy is Darren McDonald with ‘Last Days of Steam’.

The Roland Groves Trophy attracted 20 dpi entries, again the judge was looking for the best monochrome dpi.
3rd — Darren McDonald
2nd — Graham Thurlow
1st — Malcolm Ness
The winner of the ‘Roland Groves Trophy’ is Malcolm Ness with ‘Isolation’

The seventh internal competition on 27th March was four related DPI’s with members competing for the FRS (Historic – Four Related Slides) Trophy.
As the title suggests, we wanted to see a set of 4 images that related to each other as a story, or in some other coherent way.  Fifteen members put together some great thought provoking images.  The judge, Peter Thompson, having been instructed to mark images out of 20 decided to just award the first three places.
3rd —  Anna Hill with ‘Under 7’s Ice Hockey’
2nd —  Pete Boyes with ‘The Beasts and a Beauty’
1st — Graham Thurlow
But the winner of ‘The FRS Trophy’ with ‘Four Harey Moments’ is Graham Thurlow

We move onto ‘The Novice Trophy’
This is awarded to a ‘Novice’ (A person who has not previously won a DPS competition).   The competition only relates to dpi’s and the winner is the person who scores the most with his or hers best four dpi scores in the season.
2nd —  David Hope with a combined score of 64
1st — Dave Akrill
The winner of ‘The Novice Trophy’ for this season is Dave Akrill with a score of 71.
Dave’s winning images are:
‘Baby Love’, ‘Getting up with the Sun’, ‘National Breakdown’ and ‘Morning Sun’

We now come to the Champions Monochrome Competition
A monochrome competition to find the best print and DPI of the season.  Monochrome prints and DPI’s previously entered in competitions this season were allowed entry into this competition. Members could enter two dpi’s and/or two prints.  The competition was on the 10th April and was judged by Paul Wilson.  The ‘Harrison Trophy’ for prints received 16 entries.  The judge commented on the high standards and found it hard to judge.  However, he decided:
Joint 3rd — 
Geoff Harrison, Dave Ireland and Darren McDonald (Last days of steam).
2nd — Ernie Howard
1st — Darren McDonald
The winner of ‘The Harrison Trophy’ with ‘Inspection’ is Darren McDonald

The ‘Richard Pinder Trophy’ is awarded for the best monochrome DPI of the season.
There were 22 entries.
Joint 3rd —  Dick Roberts and Malcolm Ness
2nd — Pete Boyes
1st — Ernie Howard
The winner of the ‘Richard Pinder Trophy’ for best monochrome, with ‘White Line’ goes to Ernie Howard

The final competition of the season was the Champions Colour Competition.
This time the competition was to find the best colour print and DPI of the season.  Again, colour prints and DPI’s previously entered in competitions this season were allowed entry into this competition.  Members entering two dpi’s and/or two prints.  This competition held on 24th April was judged by Ed Openshaw.

‘The Stockton Trophy’ for prints received 20 entries.
3rd — Malcolm Ness
2nd —  Ernie Howard
1st — Geoff Harrison
The winner of The Stockton Trophy for best colour print of the season, with ‘European Tree Frog’ goes to Geoff Harrison.

Finally, ‘The Teskey King Trophy’ is awarded to the best colour dpi of the season.  There were 22 entries.
3rd — Helen Smith
2nd — Dave Ireland
1st — Darren McDonald
The winner of ‘The Teskey King Trophy’ for best colour dpi of the season with ‘Tea Break’ is Darren McDonald.