2019- 2020 Programme List

Programme of Events

Due to the current restrictions in the light of COVID 19 Coronavirus, all meetings have been suspended until further notice.

  • 02/03/20 – Practical Night
  • Entries for the Arnold English Trophy

  • 09/03/20 – Millennium Trophy
  • We are hosts to the Yorkshire Coastal Photographic Group’s Millennium Trophy, a competition for two related prints. I predict great images tonight.

  • 16/03/20 – David and Carol Ireland
  • Our intrepid pair are back from more travels with tales of far flung places and images to back up the words

  • Entries for the Novice Trophy, please

  • 23/03/20 – Practical Night / Studio session.
  • Could be Macro, table top or maybe still life. Details later.

  • 30/03/20 – Arnold English Cup
  • A night for sequences. A maximum of 6 minutes makes them snappy and fun. Lots to see tonight, hopefully

  • Entries for the Monochrome Champions Trophy

  • 06/04/20 – The Novice Trophy
  • The chance for all you members who have never won a competition at GPS to fight it out without the “big boys and girls”. Could be the start of something great

  • Entries for the Colour Champions Trophy

  • 20/04/20 – Monochrome Champions Night
  • The competitive highpoint of the season when the Champion Monochrome Print and DPI are chosen

  • 27/04/20 – Portrait Evening
  • Studios are set up, models are sorted and Brian is on hand to give help and advice. Your turn to let the hidden inner David Bailey or Lord Snowdon come out. Don’t forget your camera.

  • 04/04/20 – Colour Champions Night
  • The same as two weeks ago but with added colour

  • 11/04/20 – AGM
  • Loved the club and want to help run it? Got suggestions or ideas? Tonight is your chance to get aboard and help make DPS even better. Come along now, you know you want to.

  • 18/04/20 – Awards Night
  • The finale of the season, cups and certificates to give out, images from Cuppa and Capture to marvel at, all to a soundtrack of applause.