Competition Results 2020 -2021

Annual Champions Colour

First Place    Ernie Howard    Morning Walk

Second Place    Jeff Stevens   My Best Friend

Third Place   Chris Brigden   Broadway Grocery

Highly Commended

Other High scoring images

Annual Champions Monochrome

First Place  David Hartley    Steam on a wet morning

Second Place   David Hartley    Storn brewing in Glen Coe

Third Place    David Ireland    Salt’s Mill Saltaire

Salt’s Mill Saltaire

Other High scoring Images

Little Hills of Potatoes

Four Related Images

First Place    Pete Boyes  Red Kites

Second Place    Steve Shipley   Reflections

Third Place Equal   Lesley Stevens    Lockdown Limes

Third Place Equal     Graham Thurlow  Blue Tit sequence



Novice Trophy

Winner   Standing Proud  Simon Marsh  59 points out of 60

Second     Sunflowers  Judy Naylor  57 out of 60

Third  Pressed for time  Stuart Watson  55 out of 60



Ringrose Trophy

Score Sheet


Jackson Trophy

First            Mike Norton

Second      Mandy Gravil and Phil Davies

Third         Steve Shipley and David Ireland

Full Results

Jackson 2021

October is a great month for fungi. I spotted these on a dead tree stump, very close to the floor so the buiggest task was trying to get the tripod low enough so I could look up and through them.

2020 Trophy

First     Mark Crabtree  57 points  (Maximum 60 points)

Second  Ernie Howard 56 points

Third      Steve Browne  55 points

Fourth    Dave Hartley  54 points

Fifth        Graham Thurlow 53 points

These are the images which scored 17 points of more

You looking at me?    Kris Dunham

Unlikely to sail again   Stuart Watson

Token exchange    Darren McDonald

The Wreck of the Laura

The Mill Green Way   Dave Hartley

The Kelpies   Dave Hartley

The Black Mill     Ernie Howard

St Monans Jetty    Darren McDonald

Southern Hawker Dragonfly    Steve Browne

Rough Seas      Fin Ferrol

Robin proclaiming his territory     Graham Thurlow

Red Grouse in winter heather   Mark Crabtree

Red squirrel feeding   Mark Crabtree

Raining at Filey   Jean Hounsfield

On theshore    Fin Ferrol

Malr Darter dragonfly   Steve Browne

Lighthouse near Mull     Mark Crabtree

Left Behind in time    Chris Brigden

Kingfisher and cobweb    Graham Thurlow

Green Sandpiper    Steve Brown

Glen Coe     Dave Hartley

Blue Tit ready for take off   Graham Thurlow

Fangs    Steve Shipley

Artichoke in morning light    Ernie Howard


Aerial romance in motion    Simon Marsh

Milne Trophy 2020

20 My Best Friend – Jeff Stevens (first place)
20 Kermit’s Eye – Steve Shipley (second place)
19 Isle of Seil – Chris Brigden
19 Mist on the River – Steve Shipley
19 Kelpies – Dave Hartley
19 Screw City Scape – Jeff Stevens
18 Three Sisters of Glencoe – Dave Hartley
18 Artichoke Flower – Ernie Howard
18 Barn Owl – Simon Marsh
18 Sunset at Tatton Sykes Monument – Ernie Howard
18 White Rose – Jean Hounsfield

Arnold English Trophy 2020

First     The Sea   Ernie Howard

Second   The Hebrides   Brian Jackson

Third   Abandoned  David Ireland

Third   Touring Scotland  Josie Latus

Novice Trophy 2020

First   Personal Trainers  Finn Ferral

Second   Eating my nuts  Steve Shipley

Third    Otter reflection  Steve Shipley

Results Spreadsheet

Novice 2020 b