competition details 2020 – 2021

At the DPS, like most photographic societies, we run competitions among members. These have a number of purposes.

Firstly, they encourage members to take more photographs.  All photographers are proud of their best pictures and competitions allow members to show images which they think are good.  Some competitions have set subjects or themes and members are encouraged to go out and actively look for photographs.  This is a form of discipline to improve the ability of members to “see” and capture photographs. Other competitions are for photographs taken on a set outing or evening and besides being a social event, this enables members to talk among themselves about their photography.

Secondly, we invite photographers from outside the club, either from other clubs or local professional photographers, to judge the competitions.  Hopefully, the judge will comment constructively on each photograph and provide guidance on how to improve the picture. This will enable the member to develop their technique and either improve that photograph and its presentation or think about their picture making and take a better photograph next time.

Thirdly, competitions improve the members’ preparation and presentation skills. Cropping, manipulating, printing and mounting of images enhance the photograph and all are skills which competitions hone.

Finally, competitions between members allows for constructive and lighthearted rivalry between members.  Such contests encourage members to strive to improve all aspects of their photography and add a degree of spice to picture taking and presentation.

However, remember
Photographs should be taken for your pleasure, not the judges.

  1. No judge is perfect and often may get it all wrong
  2. What a judge says is not as important as how much you like the photograph
  3. No competition, judge or photograph is important enough to have a row over
  4. Never let a judge, another member, a competition result or yourself stop you from taking pictures and enjoying your photography

If you require any further information or clarification, ask the competition secretaries:
Brian Jackson internal competitions and David Ireland for inter-club competitions.

Competitions shall be open to any full Club Member who has paid their subscriptions for the relevant year

  1. Winners shall hold the trophy for one year or for a part of one year in the case of a tie
  2. All photographs shall be totally the work of the member unless trade processing is authorized in the competition rules