Competition Results

April 2019

Champions Competition


Colour                   Geoff Harrison     Great Egret
Black & White       Ernie Howard       Hull Scene

Digitally Projected Images:

Colour                   Dave Ireland        Roe Deer
Black & white   Steve Browne          Portrait of Elliott

March 2019

4 Related Digitally Projected Images

1st     Cheetas                    Caroline Wheeler
2nd    A Bad Hare              Graham Thurlow
3rd     Catch of the Day     Mark Crabtree

February 2019

Ringrose Cup

1st     Dave Ireland               93 points
2nd    Brian Jackson             91 points
3rd    Darren McDonald      90 points

Norman Trophy (Subject ‘Water’)

Joint 1st     Focus     175 points
Joint 1st     Wolds    175 points
3rd    Pocklington   165 points
4th      Beverley       164 points

5th      Driffield        163 points
6th    Hornsea          162 points
7th      YFoto              145points

December 2018

Bell Trophy

1st     Focus              151 points
2nd   Wolds              143 points
3rd    Hornsea          142 points
4th      Driffield         131 points
5th      YFoto              130points
6th      Pocklington   129 points
7th      Beverley         128 points

Fun Knockout

1st               Lovely Sky     Dave Hartley
2nd             Callanish        Brian Jackson
Joint 3rd    Gannets           Anna Hill
The Jumper                        Helen Smith

November 2018

2000 Trophy

1st     48 Chimneys, 1 Walker     Ernie Howard
Joint 2nd
Little Egret, Tophill Low                 Darren McDonald
Sunrise over Bamburgh Castle     Darren McDonald
Time for a Stretch                           Graham Thurlow
Millington                                          Brian Jackson
A Tasty Morsel                                  Graham Thurlow

Boyes Trophy

1st     New Earswick     310 Points
2nd    Driffield               309 Points
3rd     Malton                 295 Points

October 2018

Oz Pom

This year Australia won ‘The Ashes’

DPS top scoring images:
Darren McDonald  ‘End of the Day”
Geoff Harrison  ‘Damsel Delight
Ernie Howard  ‘Time and Waves, Thixendale’

Brigg Trophy

Winners of this year’s Brigg Trophy are Focus, Bridlington

Our top scoring images were:

Feeding Frenzy           Martyn Orford          19 points
2 Dogs                        Pete Boyes              19 points
Mountain Hare           Graham Thurlow       18 points
Greenbottle Fly          Geoff Harrison           18 points

Milne Cup (Prints)

1st      ‘Snowy Mountain Hare’ and ‘Red Squirrel Reflections’     Mark Crabtree

Joint Second

‘In the Lead Number 17’ and ‘Cromer Pier’     Richard Foley
‘Buttermere’ and ‘Durness’.                               Brian Jackson

Milne Shield (DPIs)

1st                A Bigger Splash and Menace           Geoff Harrison
Joint 2nd     The fountain and On the Beach      Ernie Howard
By the lake and Sir Tom                   Darren McDonald
Evening Flight and Sprucing Up      Graham Thurlow

April 2018

Champions Colour

Best DPI Teskey King Trophy

Graham Thurlow     Red Squirrel

Best Print Stockton Trophy

Darren McDonald     The Storeman

Champions Monochrome

Best DPI Richard Pinder Trophy

Martin Orford     The Gillie

Best Print Harrison Trophy

Ernie Howard     Water’s Edge

York Battle

A close fought battle but overall Driffield took 1st place

Prints York Driffield
167 178
DPIs 341 337
Total Scores 508 515

March 2018

Millenium Shield

Placing     Name     Points   Club
Joint 1st  Doug Batty 39 Focus
Ernie Howard 39 Driffield
Graham Vulliamy 39 Wolds
 Peter Swallow 39 Beverley


February 2018
Jackson Trophy
1st      Nell                                 Graham Thurlow
2nd    Towards the Estuary    Ernie Howard
3rd     Letting off Steam          Darren McDonald
Digital Images
1st      Urban Heron                 Geoff Harrison
2nd    It’s my Ball                      Graham Thurlow
3rd     Raging Weir, Saltaire    Darren McDonald
Norman Trophy
1st     Wolds
2nd    Beverley
3rd     Focus
4th     Pocklington
5th     Driffield
6th     Hornsea

7th     Y Foto

January 2018


1st      Pete Boyes
2nd     Darren McDonald
3rd      Ernie Howard
4th      Graham Thurlow

December 2017

Fun Knockout

1st     Room with a View      Dave Ackrill

Runners Up:
The Gillies     Martyn Orford
Great Tit        Graham Thurlow
Fireworks      Ernie Howard

Bell Trophy

1st     Focus              180 points
2nd   Wolds              172 points
3rd    Driffield           170 points
4th    Hornsea          168 points
5th    Pocklington     157 points
6th    Beverley           156 points
7th    YFoto                139 points

Arnold English Audio Visual Presentation

1st      Birds and Beasts of the Marennes     Pete Boyes
2nd    No title                                                     Martyn Orford
3rd     Cottam Church                                       Ernie Howard