Cuppa & Capture

Cuppa & Capture

Cuppa & Capture is an extra activity associated with Driffield Photographic Society.

Our members (and their friends) meet regularly for a “friendly & fun” social activity, taking photos on a set theme.  The sessions usually begins and ends in a cafe/pub so that we can get to know each other, share ideas and share our results.

New participants are always welcome.  Hope to see you at our next meeting.  Don’t forget, if you’re new to the game of Cuppa & Capture, although we always have a theme to be interpreted by you, it’s not a competition.  Just share up to five of your favourite pictures with everyone in the group by email.

A minimum of two from each person will then be selected for our website gallery.  Remember to add a title your pictures and include your name.  Above all, do be prepared to ‘share and exchange’ know-how and ideas.  By learning from, and supporting each other, we all advance our photographic skills.

If you attend any of the events please forward some pictures to me for our web galleries to:
Helen at helens5 at

Best fit for a 1400 px by 1050 px rectangle.

This list is not exclusive.  If you have an idea for a photo day out please research it for availability and put forward your idea for inclusion on the list.

Cuppa & Capture Outings for the 2018 -2019 Sea

Thursday 18 April 2019

Theme ‘A Day at The Seaside’


Wednesday 13 March 2019

Theme for the Day ‘From a Different Perspective’

Join us at 11 am in McCoy’s cafe on Princess Dock Street before heading along to the Street Life Museum which is located on the High Street.

13 February 2019

It’s Snowdrop Spectacular time again along the woodland walk.  Here’s a link to 5 tips on how to successfully photograph snowdrops which may be of help for some of us.

January 2019

N.B  Sturdy footwear is required if undertaking the deer walk as the ground may be muddy in places.

December 2018


November 2018

Sports Photography at Driffield Rugby Union Football Club – Take 3