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3_Ernie Howard_Treeline

Lone Trees and Skylines

A day on the wolds at Millington looking for and capturing images of lone trees and interesting skylines
Not for the Faint Hearted by Anna Hill

A Day at the Seaside

A super warm day for our outing to Bridlington. Have a look at our images which capture typical English Seaside Scenes
3_Jean Hounsfield

Macro Moment Feb 2019

Cuppa & Capture this month was held at Burton Agnes Hall during the magnificent Snowdrop Spectacular. The theme of the day was 'macro' - not as easy as it sounds, but all in all a good day was had by 10 of our club members and their results can be seen in this gallery. by Thelma Burrus

Silhouettes & Colour Contrast

The theme was to attempt to get to grips with aspects of tonal and colour contrast.
Scoreboard_Thelma Burrus

Sports Photography at Driffield Rugby Union Football Club – Take 3

Today we met in the Bell Hotel for a bite to eat and a drink before heading off to the Driffield Rugby Union Football Club. We thoroughly enjoyed the game between Driffield and Cleckheaton. The idea was to attempt to make a triptych photo or at least 3 single photos. A good day was had by all.
Priory Tower_Richard Hounsfield

Negative Space

Our task today was to take images that have well designed negative spaces that make a composition work well.
David Ireland_Tree's Castle Howard

Picture Postcard from Castle Howard

This idea was to meet at Castle Howard, and by using a combination of the natural and man-made elements of a visual environment, to create a picture postcard of the scenes in front of us. Wide angle lenses were needed but as well as other lenses.
Weather Vane_Jean Hounsfield


The technique involved composing an image in such a way that three or more objects form a triangle.
Watching the pennies_Ernie Howard

Street Life

The theme this month was to capture people, their expressions and activities as they go about their daily life in our home town of Driffield.
Jurassic Cliffs by Dave Lyon

Look Up

Instead of keeping our eye at eye level when taking photographs, the theme of this outing was to 'Look Up', and see what we could capture. The venue was the lovely seaside town of Filey with its interesting architectural features, chimney pots, trees, and of course no photograph album of Filey is complete without including the picturesque Brigg or indeed a seagull.
Singing in the rain by Thelma Burrus

Book, song, TV show or film title.

The task was to to seek out scenes etc; that can be interpreted as book, song, TV show or film titles. Clearly a camera and imagination was required. Our photographers were challenged to add to or remove picture parts, and generally ‘manipulate’ and digitally edit their pictures. Alternatively a ‘straight' photograph was equally acceptable. The day was unfortunately awful with rain and poor light. Never the less our determined group persevered and overcame a lot of difficulties in the, for some, first venture into digital picture making. See what they did in this gallery. A start that promises, with practice, to develop into grand works.
Red 473Y by Peter Jackson

Animal, Vegetable and Mineral

Prosperity came to Driffield with the opening of the canal in 1770. The canal however slowly declined after the coming of the railway in 1846 and the impact of two world wars. The last keel left Driffield in 1950, 67 years ago. Today, the Driffield Navigation Trust is working to restore the waterway so that water-borne visitors can once again be seen at Riverhead. Indeed the canal and warehouses are still a focus today where it’s tranquility and beauty provide a gateway to lovely walks out into the Wolds countryside. See what our members captured on our day by the water to the theme of 'Animal, Vegetable and Mineral'
Going down by Ernie Howard

Uncommon or Unexpected Viewpoints

This month's Cuppa and Capture event was in the fabulous city of York.
Free Cash is Good by Ian Cawley

The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

The Good, the Bad & The Ugly Nature rarely fails when it comes to aesthetically pleasing things to look at. Man fails frequently. Though we can build and create beautiful places, we all to often, through bad planning, neglect, poor workmanship and lack of investment, create visual unpleasantness in our environment. Our venue was the sea side town of Scarborough, a jewel in Yorkshire’s coastline. Or is it everywhere? Our theme was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. See how our Photographers interpreted the theme using scarborough as their source for pictures.
Gothic Stone figures by David Ireland

City Seen

Originally known as Inderawuda, Beverley was founded around 700 AD by Saint John of Beverley during the time of the Anglian kingdom of Northumbria. Beverley is a market town, civil parish and the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is noted for it’s Minster, North Bar and Racecourse. As well as markets, and for hosting various food and music festivals throughout the year. Our brief was to attempt to capture as many aspects of the town in monochrome as possible. Though we probably needed months to do this attractive town justice, the good weather and helpful light made what we did capture an easy task.
Brimham 4 by David Ireland

Shape Form & Texture at Brimham Rocks

At a height of nearly 300m, Brimham Rocks enjoy spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. They are are a naturally occurring geological formation featuring large Millstone Grit rocks or boulders resting on other rocks, bedrock or glacial till (unsorted glacial sediment.). Some of the formations only appear to be balancing, but are in fact firmly connected to a base rock by a pedestal or stem. Erosion of the Millstone Grit rock has been caused by water, glaciation and wind over the years which has brought about a multitude of amazing shapes. Many of the formations have been named such as; the Sphinx, the Watchdog, the Camel, the Turtle and the Dancing Bear. The Millstone Grit rock formations are a coarse-grained sandstone of the Carboniferous age. The name comes about from its use in earlier times as a source of millstones used principally in watermills. See how many of the formations our photographers captured in the January light.
Field Kitchen by Bryan Oxley

NYM War Railway

When the clock was turned back to a time that Britain was in the thick of world war II, the NYM War Railway offered a great opportunity for photographers to recapture some of the atmosphere of those days. Each station was transformed to create a variety of war time scenarios including child evacuees and a cinema showing films and newsreels from the period at Pickering. There was a Home Guard demonstrations at Goathland, and music and dance entertainment at Grosmont. Levisham was once again transformed into the German-occupied French village of Le Visham with re-enactment displays and Café Allée du Bois. Though not officially a DPS Cuppa & Capture event, I thought it well worth sharing what some of our members captured. If the pictures in this gallery whet your appetite then polish off your lenses and look forward to this event in 2017.
Fine Dining in Brid by Bryan Oxley

Religious and Secular Fenestration

Our brief on this dreary December day was to capture secular and religious fenestration in Bridlington Old Town. In other words; doors and windows. We were also trying to capture the look and feel of Christmas in as many and varied architectural and periods and styles as possible. See how our intrepid photographers did in this gallery.
David Ireland 5

Autumn Colour

The fabulous ancient woodland surrounding Falling Foss Waterfall, May Beck and the Hermitage (a unique cave carved out of stone) provided an excellent opportunity to capture atmospheric autumn scenes & colours. What better way to start and end our day than at the small but enchanting Falling Foss Tea Garden set in the grounds of Midge Hall, a tiny cottage which nestles at the top of the beautiful Falling Foss waterfall. The Tea Garden was the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy a light lunch or a sumptuous cream tea. We were certainly made very welcome. The light wasn’t great and the ground was muddy, but all who took part clearly had a good time. Enjoy what we captured.