Preparing your DPI’s for Competitions

Digital Photograph to Competition

  1. Take your photograph
  2. Download the photo to your computer (either by connecting camera to computer or downloading from memory card via card reader
  3. Open your favourite photo software, e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom etc. and import photograph. 
  4. Manipulate the image as desired (layers, exposure, saturation, filters, cropping, cloning etc.) until you are happy with the picture
  5. Add a border if required
  6. Go to pixel dimensions in image size and set to maximum size allowed (1400 pixels) ensuring “Constrain Proportions” is ticked. Click OK
  7. Save under a new name to the computer. (DO NOT save under any previously used filename or your original image and copy will be overwritten and lost!)
  8. Save your photo as jpeg to flash drive or CD with the competitor and image numbers in the filename as well as the title of the image and the competition being entered:
    e.g. If competitor number is 23 and this is the first image then the file name should be 0123_Misty Morning_Milne 2.jpg. If it is the second image then it would be O223_Sun Set_Milne 2.jpg). When asked for “Quality” under “Image Options”, set this to 12 (maximum)
  9. Label the CD or flash drive with your name 
  10. Place the CD, DVD or flash-drive in the competition entry box on the night for entries.  Please note if your images are not received on the night they will not be considered
  11. If you have any questions relating to any aspects of competitions, ask the Club Competitions Secretaries or one of the Committee members
  12. Will entrants to competitions please be aware that all prints entered in to competitions should be accompanied with a DPI of the print submitted fully titled as a record of the print and consideration for entry to external competitions

N.B.  All digital images and prints entered in club internal competitions in any one year cannot be re-entered in club internal competitions in subsequent years.  The exception being External Competitions where this rule does not apply.