Hints and Tips

I am happy to upload any helpful hints and tips sent to me that you come across and want to share with other members.

1     To start us off I have found this short 3 minute YouTube video by Mike Brown on Composition basics:
Rule of Thirds 

2     Workflow – Better Images from Capture to Output

3     Preparing Pictures for Competitions

4     Restoration of Old Photos Help Sheet Photo-Restoration Help Sheet by Roger Walton

5   Non-Destructive Dodge and Burn in Mono – Notes from Malcolm Ness
Dodge & Burn

6     How to Compose a Photo – Mike Brown YouTube Video:
How to Compose a Photo

7    Photoshop’s High Pass Filter:  sharpen and soften portraits in all the right places.
An article was written by Jeff Meyer in Digital Camera which will help make your portrait images stand out from the rest.

8     RPS Code of Practice for Nature Photographers’

9 Night Photography Advice by Brian Rogers

10   Want to know more about contrast then the picturecorrect.com website might be a place to start:  tonal and colour contrast
Silhouette Photography