Summer Outings 2019

The Monday evening Summer Outings are on the first Monday of the month

As there is no competition for the images taken there is no starting or finishing time.  Just go along when you can and have a go at finding pictures.

Each evening has a location, suggested idea and a meeting point when you are fed up or the light has gone. Do not feel that you can only take pictures of the suggested subject.  The world is full of images awaiting your capture, look around and see what is worth taking.

Monday June 3rd
A Glimpse of Beverley Minster
Have you ever noticed whilst walking around Beverley how the Minster dominates the town?  Every so often you can get a glimpse of it above bulidings, between buildings and occasionally through buidings.  The newer developments near Flemingate and the station seem to have been built to allow lovely sight lines of the Minster. 
The purpose of this evenings walk is to stroll around Beverley looking out for the Minster and seeing if you can capture it in relationship to the other buildings, whether in is above roof tops (as can be seen from the car park in Flemingate for instance) or looming above the surrounding houses (as seen from East Riding Theatre car park), between other buildings or across fields (such as Long Lane) .  This last one is a bit of a cliche but still a good image.
If we meet in Nellies (The White Horse) on Hengate next to St Mary’s church there are quiet rooms, and cheap beer, not to mention quaint atmosphere.
Monday 1st July
An evening on the Wolds
Twilight on the wolds can be excellent for photography.  The many interesting places around Thixendale, for example the Time and Waves dale (actually Thixen Dale itself) accessible from Gills Farm or Brubber Dale or Wharram Percy etc. offer many possible locations.  Grab an OS map (Explorer 300 and 294) and off you go. 
The Cross Keys at Thixendale is open on a Monday evening so it would be rude not to drop by for a chat there.  Although it is difficult to set a time to meet as it depends on light, precipitation etc it is suggested that 8.30pm might be good.
Monday 5th August
Looking up in Driffield
How often do we walk around towns never looking above shop level.  There is a whole world above out heads (and eyelines) waiting to be transformed into stunning images.  From carved capstones, pub signs, old sculptures, right up to weeds and bushes growing out of walls and roofs, there is plenty to discover and take. The only “rule” tonight is it must be at least 10 feet off the ground so off you go and see what you can find
If we meet in Wetherspoons Benjamin Fawcett for a change that would be ideal.  Again 8.30pm could be a good time.
If you have and questions, problems or suggestions please get back to Ernie on 07709 880650 or email him on