Summer Outings

Since the government has loosened the terms of the lockdown, we have an opportunity to meet again in a restricted way.  We are proposing three Summer Evening Outings within the current guidelines.
The three proposed evenings are
Monday 15th June     Millington Dale and Woods
Parking in the car park at Millington Woods or anywhere safe in Millington Dale from the Huggate turn down to Millington village.  The more adventurous might consider walking up any of the footpaths or Access Land to the top of the Dale to get better views.  The less athletic could consider Millington Woods, Sylvan Dale or the village.
Monday 13th July     Flamborough
You can choose between North Landing, The Lighthouse and South Landing. The clifftop footpath is fairly narrow in places but members should be able to Socially Distance.
Monday 3rd August     Beverley
The town of Beverley is packed with photos just dying to be taken.  The historic buildings, the people, areas like The Beck or The Westwood are awaiting you.
There will be a number of rules which members taking part must abide by if we are going to keep this safe and legal.  They are as follows
The outings are held in the open air
Members should go in their own cars or only with members of their own households
Once there, members may join into groups of no more than six people.
Members must sanitise their hands on arrival and at regular intervals and on returning to their cars.
Members may consider facemasks but these would not be compulsory.  Facemasks in the open air are not necessarily effective.
Members must maintain a 2 metre distance between them and other members unless they are members of their household.
Member who have shown any symptoms which might be related to Covid 19 must not attend the meeting
The invitation is for current members of DPS only
All members attend these evenings at their own risk and are expected to act in a responsible and safe manner
Unless the government’s regulations change there will be no meeting in a pub organised.
If members wish to meet, they should organise their own time and location between themselves